7 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Spoken Word Poet

Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas

1. You will be eternal.

Whether you like it or not, you will be the subject to a handful of their poems. A video of their spoken word performance about you will be posted online and will stay there forever!

2. You will be quoted.

They are the world’s most professional listeners! So, don’t be surprised if one of your statements will be quoted in their next masterpiece. They will pay attention to everything that you say and might take notes while you’re not looking.

3. You will be awkward.

Who says they never ran out of words? Their awkwardness is contagious so beware! They can make the most uncomfortable conversations leaving you in the midst of long pauses and awkward silence.

4. You will be stressed.

They will share their thoughts about any of the most stressful current events or social issues to you. Your opinions about it are not always mandatory so be careful! One wrong statement and they might start a slam poetry with you.

5. You will be forced to get out of “the box”.

Stereotypes are not part of their vocabulary. Spoken word artists love breaking norms and they will tell you to do the same!

6. You will be swayed.

Language is their playground so don’t be shocked if you’ll agree to them most of the times. Their effective use of different “Figures of speech” can also flatter you in the most eargasmic way!

7. You will be invited.

Don’t you dare say no! You will find yourself in open mic events and might end up joining one… Good luck! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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