Everything Is Lying To You

Thank You For Smoking
Thank You For Smoking

All of it. Even grandma. Sorry grandma but you’re no better than the rest of us. I mean yeah you cook enormously delicious holiday dinners, and I know that you would let me live rent free at your house forever because your heart is bigger than the universe itself. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a liar. I’m a liar too. You think I’m the sweet and innocent boy I portray myself as while we eat our vegetables and sip our wine? I do drugs. I have sex. I am who I am and that person is hidden from you. Yet in a way I feel that you too are hiding from me. You so desperately want to release and let go. Relax, but just like the rest of us, you’re stuck.

We’re all stuck. Some would say I’m stuck in the state of Ohio. I say we’re stuck in a state of denial. We are denying ourselves the freedom and love of being who we truly want to be. I want to be healthy and happy. Odds are, so do you. But while the end result can look somewhat similar. The process we use to get there can be vastly different. I love apples and you love oranges. So lets eat what we like and run how we want, when we want, on our own schedule. Stop fitting our health in tiny spaces between work and play. These tiny spaces we fill with pressure to perform. Pressure to enjoy. Pressure to grow and build and be better. All this right after we leave a job where our boss tells us thanks but also would you fix this? Or that? We need to change and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Don’t worry though, you get your money and I get my bigger money. Maybe one day when you work long and hard enough you could make the bigger money and I’ll handle the enormous money.

For some of us even play becomes work. So exhausted from trudging through a job which does not fulfill us that we simply want to turn off our brain in front of the tv and live in the world of sports and entertainment until our eyes, so blurred and red from the bright little lights of lies, that we wander into the bedroom and crash beneath the sheets, hiding from the light of day which beckons us to start it all again.

This time though, let’s go about it a little differently.

Let’s start by not letting anyone tell us how to live our lives. By the same side of that coin let’s stop telling others how to live their lives. Let’s do what makes us happy and if a fellow being comes along and needs help on their quest then by all means assist them. Why all this competition? Why all the battles? The joy we desire has no limitations. It cannot run out. Unlimited demand will be met by an infinite supply. There is no inflation in the realm of joy. It is pure and we are unable to own it. It must be shared. This idea that we can use things, make things, take things and hold onto things in order to have joy is upsetting our balance. We are focused on getting, attaining, achieving. We want success, power, fame and fortune. We want and want and then when we get we want more.

And we know we will always want more of whatever it is we desire. So why do we keep filling up the bucket like there are no holes at the bottom?

Why are we lying to ourselves?

Let’s find a way to live our lives that speaks to the truth resting within our soul. There is a light inside each of us that shines brightly, but for now, it is hidden in the shadow of ignorance. We will not find satisfaction in taking or re-creating that which others have. We must realize our own power to release from within us this light of joy. Even you, grandma. There is still plenty of time. It only takes a moment, one breath. In the blink of an eye the whole of reality can open up and swallow you whole, rushing you along the river of universal harmony.

Also, I don’t do drugs or have sex grandma, I was just saying that to make a point… probably. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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