To My Fellow Teens, ‘Fitting In’ Just Isn’t Worth it / wundervisuals / wundervisuals

This year, I’ve had a plenty of time to think to myself about how I fit into the social structure of my high school class. Believe it or not I do lay on the more quiet, awkward and annoying side of the social spectrum — depending on who you ask in my class. People like us, are either perceived as being decent or being totally annoying or odd. Basically, that grants us a fifty-fifty split which again only circles back to the question, “Where do I fit in?”

The answer to that is a resounding, “Don’t even bother.”

Our teen years are spent in high school where people will give you cold hard crap regardless of who you are and this persists even after our four years are up.

If this does indeed happen no matter what, why continue trying to change yourself to be seen as more interesting, smart, funny, or some other fourth thing that would satisfy the cool kid majority? We as people do not exist to please or owe anyone anything. In other words, fitting in is a complete waste of time.

We as young individuals will always be judgmental towards each other no matter what and yes it sucks, but you misfits should feel sorry for them! Because they spend most of their lives putting up a front they can hide behind, to wrongfully deem others of whatever incredibly trivial thing they can think of.

Despite this, you misfits have something they don’t. You have true originality because hopefully, you’ve accepted the fact that you don’t need to walk with the crowd.

You’re smart and brave enough to stand alone, not needing other people’s notions to validate your existence. Whenever you see the popular kids all huddled up together, always and I mean always remember, that their opinions regarding you aren’t relevant, because you definitely have own crap to worry about. All in all, I hope you fellow teenage misfits out there continue to go against the grain of societal norms throughout your high school days! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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