10 Things You’ll Learn After Leaving Your First Job

Shutterstock / Maksym Poriechkin
Shutterstock / Maksym Poriechkin

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What were the best things you learned in your first job? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

  1. You can’t avoid office politics – Doesn’t matter if you are a janitor or a CEO of your own business: There are always office politics.
  2. You’ll never have a job which you “can’t quit” – If you are being mistreated,exploited or under-appreciated…LEAVE. You’ll eventually find another job (although it may not be a better one).
  3. You learn by listening, not talking – You’ll learn by listening rather than talking in almost every job.
  4. ALWAYS look for another job – You wouldn’t load your weapon as soon as you see an animal while you are hunting; you’d do it before you go into the woods. Why wait until you need to look for a job, to look for a job?
  5. Don’t tell your co-workers about your personal business – Unless you want (or need) your personal affairs to become fodder for office gossip, leave them off of your job.
  6. If you are genuinely sick – DON’T COME TO WORK – Regardless of whatever you hear, stay home and get well. Your co-workers don’t want to (or need to) get your illness.
  7. Always say “Thank You” and “Please” when it is appropriate to do so – Nobody likes rude or uncouth co-workers, and manners go a long way.
  8. Think before you speak – If it doesn’t sound “good” in your head, it will sound even worse from your mouth.
  9. Avoid people with bad attitudes unless you need their help. – They’ll just bring you down or make you cynical.
  10. Remember that a job is an inanimate object – Never love it, because it will never love you. If you have to “love” something…love the work that you do; not where you do it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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