Mailman Poops In Portland Yard

As one reporter puts it, an Oregon mailman did “the unthinkable in broad daylight.” USPS supervisor Roy Anderson continues: “We’re taking this very seriously, and I really want to apologize to the public at large.”

Resident Dan Derfler witnessed the act. He was playing with his boy when the mailman approached his home. Derfler expected the mailman would drop off packages. Instead he turned toward Derfler’s neighbor’s house and dropped his pants. “He started defecating,” says Derfler, who grabbed a camera and took pictures.

Supervisor Anderson laments: “To hear something like this is disheartening, and disappointing.” But near the end of this video, as the Oregon breeze blows through his hair, Anderson sounds neither disheartened nor disappointed. He almost bursts into a smile.

Forced to say one thing, but perhaps feeling another, Anderson seems to secretly sympathize with the mailman. Just like commenter David, Anderson knows that he too would’ve avoided “crap pants” –

While I really don’t want anyone taking a dump in my yard, I have been in the situation where if I didn’t make it to the can “right now, dammit!” everything was gonna happen right then whether I wanted it to or not. So I feel for the mail carrier, who just didn’t want to walk the rest of the day in crap pants. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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