Slop: An Audio Improvisation

Last month, the day following a blizzard, I took a 90-minute walk around Brooklyn during which every sentence I spoke contained the word “slop.” Here’s a 2-minute Mp3 of that walk called “Slop.”

New York City is an infinite zone for walking and talking. On any given day, you can have either sustained or quick conversations – depending on your preference. Many dialogues unfold with people you’ll never see again (in spite of the common farewell “See you later”).

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Audio Thought


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The “slop” walk was designed as an experiment. I’d searched my brain for a word uniting us all, one arousing laughter and frustration, and “slop” is what I came up with. So I hit the slushy sidewalks.

“Slop” ends with a violet-haired hairdresser on cigarette break in front of a slop pile. I said: “It must be nice to smoke a cigarette and contemplate the slop.” Her response: “Exac…you know what? That’s, I thought you were gonna say how beautiful – no, you’re absolutely right. Absolutely.”

I couldn’t have anticipated this response, or any of the others. At bottom “Slop” is a meditation on the city sidewalk’s humorous randomness. TC mark


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  • IndianGiver

    seriously…this was so good.

    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks Indiangiver.

  • roe

    enjoyed this very much!

    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks Roe.

  • Michael Koh


    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks Michael.

  • Chillwave gonzales

    Into this. Seems a new kind of chillwave.

    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks Chillwave Gonzales.

      • guest

        slopwave gonna blow up in 2011/2012

  • tommmmm

    since you repeated the same word over and over again it became funny

    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks Tommmmm.

  • a fan

    Really great!

    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks A Fan.

  • dusik-laine

    Nice to see some original stuff. Jon's pieces might be the site's best mix of smart and funny. Kudos.

    • Jon Cotner

      Thanks Dusik-Laine.

  • Anthony Cristofani

    What is beautiful about this piece is that what unites all the New Yorkers is an unbeautiful word. It demonstrates materially (I like the use of actual sound, not just text here) that communication and shared experience can leaven if not actually redeem banality and desolation.

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