Cyndi Lauper Performs Spontaneously in Buenos Aires Airport


On Friday, March 4th, there were many flight cancellations and delays at Jorge Newberry Airport in Buenos Aires. Among the thousands of delayed travelers sat Cyndi Lauper, touring for her 2010 album Memphis Blues. Lauper would likely miss her Santiago, Chile performance. But rather than complain, or load up on hamburguesas, she gave a performance – though not the one she expected when she awoke that morning.

With the help of a public-address microphone, Lauper sang two songs. The first part of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” appears in this video clip. At any moment ten smiles fill the screen. People sing along, or just shout, while others tell them to “Shhh!” The beaming woman in yellow even adds her own percussion by slapping an airport counter.

Here on Thought Catalog we’ve had recent discussions concerning what it means to be an artist, how to be an artist, what an artist should or shouldn’t do, etc. I’d like to contribute another provisional idea – that the practice of any art (whether a performing art, visual art, or literary art) should at least make us capable of spreading laughter. If not, we’ve failed. We might as well be flabby, bitter, alcoholic accountants. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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