Today, on The Huffington Post, I learned about As Ross Luippold writes in his article “7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Your Time On Right Now”: “The premise of this one is simple. You click on behalf of your country, and those clicks are translated to points.” Just six hours ago the US ranked #8 with 337,471 points. Since then our country has received 1,261,433 clicks. The US now ranks #3. Only 1,403,502 clicks separate us from Japan.

Hungary, however, looks out of reach. We’ll need over six-million clicks in the next six days to climb to their #1 spot, and that of course assumes Hungary accumulates no more points – which is inconceivable. Whether strolling along the Danube, studying the Bible near Dunaföldvár, or grinding at a Budapest nightclub, Hungarians are serious about, having won 53 of its last 54 clicking contests. Each “game” lasts one week; then all countries start over.

Should we, as a nation, just doze until next week’s contest? Or will we recognize, as President Obama told us last night, that “our future is still bright in the face of deep uncertainty”? Will we begin to click with new zeal from our crumbling classrooms, our abandoned inner-cities, our cars powered by yesterday’s energy? Is that possible? Might this be “our generation’s Sputnik moment”? TC mark

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  • Natalie


  • John Adams

    Those Hungarians are ambitious.

  • Rudolph

    i think we'll overtake japan, not sure about hungary. seems bleak.

    • Jon

      There's still some time, Rudolph.

  • Evan Hatch

    seems like at some point in the future international wars will be fought this way

    • Jon

      Countries will worry about carpal tunnel instead of nuclear stockpiles.

  • Helenos

    It's Sputnik all over again. I've clicked for our country.


    i did something like this one time when the CW TV show “Supernatural” had a chance to win a TV Guide cover and you could vote in a competition on the TV guide website unlimited times. it was a grudgematch between SPN and the show “Chuck”, which, i'm pretty sure, stopped airing three years ago. i was skeptical about tv guide still being in print also, but i persevered. in the end, Supernatural won. it was a proud victory.

  • JoeyMartin


  • Chillwave Gonzales

    Is run out of the basement of a Cal Tech dorm?

    • Jon

      Maybe a freshman dorm?

  • Ryuk

    I'm a Portuguese Clicker, and congratulations on your 3 rd position.

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