6 Reasons Why Your Life Completely Sucks

1. You aren’t taking risks.

Nothing great comes from sitting around in your little comfort zone like a little bitch. If you aren’t pushing yourself, you aren’t growing, and what isn’t growing is dying.

2. You care too much about what others think of you.

Look at the people around you. Are they worth compromising your joy and success to keep their approval? Probably not. Do what you want, even if will make people think you’re crazy. Remember, a successful lunatic is called eccentric.

3. You’re lazy.

Too many of us know what we want deep down, but can’t commit the consistent effort to hustle for what we desire out of life. Nothing great ever comes easy. Accept that you don’t deserve anything, that no one owes you anything, and that you’ll need to grind to get what you want.

4. You spend all your time on the internet.

Look, you’re not going to find enlightenment from staring at your Facebook News Feed. There’s a world out there, with billions of beautiful people to meet and places to see. Get out of the house.

5. You aren’t “on your path”.

Having a clear purpose and passion in life is vital to happiness. Being focused will prevent you from becoming upset by the petty bullshit that drags so many people down.

6. Your standards are too low.

It’s important to know what type of people you want in your life, and what you desire out of life. If you simply acquire the relationships and opportunities that are easily accessible to you and nothing more, your life is probably going to suffer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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