Tell Me Something Good Today

Lauren Roberts / Unsplash

Tell me about your bad day at work, about how your boss told you that you did a horrendous job and I will tell you how your reddish, ranting face turn into my favorite part of the day. I like it when you’re mad, when you burst your emotions as if you hated everyone except me. I look at your anger as my silly chance to ask you out for a beer or a ride somewhere far from here where it’s only the two us under the shade of the stars watching us cursing and cussing.Tell me about your opinion on my basic fashion statement and arguments on which food to eat for dinner and I will tell you about how my heart throb like a drum every time I see you near as if it’s always our first date. Your smell is the air as I watch the sunrise in a mountain peak. Your laughter is a vinyl records that reminds me of my mother’s story about her first love. I never been this happy again in a while and you have no idea about it. Tell me about the disgust you feel when you look at the mirror and I will tell you about how I admire your blemishes and pimple marks and blackheads; your long chin and disproportion feet. I sometimes like watching you timid and insecure and embarrassed as if you don’t see me melting while staring at your innocence. Your vulnerable, wimpy side speak to me and tell me that I have to do some babysitting or I have to be a noontime show host for a day. Tell me about your nightmare and I will tell you about my dream— you. I watch you sleep at night with a river of drool flowing in your mouth, your teeth grinding like a cricket and your snore sounds like an approaching storm; your unconscious cuddles that feels like a shelter, the honesty in every touch of your warm skin and the times where you utter my name in your sleep made me thank all the Gods for letting me be in this very moment. You are my sleeping pill and as I watch your eyes rest, I prayed to whoever can hear my prayers to please give me the rest of my nights being in this exact moment, watching the same person. The ugly parts you hated about yourself are the parts that I always want to witness as I sleep at night and I always want to see when I wake up in the morning. So, tell me about that self-loathing story and I will tell you an aesthetic tale of a night I had. Tell me about your delayed plans, your frustrations and unfinished businesses and I will tell you about the places we will visit on our birthday, the things we will do on our anniversary, the gifts we will buy on Christmas day and the list of accomplishments that we will reap together. Tell me what makes you sad and scared; excited and baffled. Tell me what you hate about me and tell me what I don’t want to hear. Tell me how much you love me and I will tell you this— I will choose to live the same life for as long as I have that much of your love with me. TC mark

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