3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Unfair Life Significantly Easier

Ever wonder why life is so unfair? Why you’re not pretty like that blonde girl? Why you don’t have a fast metabolism like that fit and sexy woman? Why you don’t get that much girls like that guy who didn’t even give any effort but he has a line of women at his tail? I always think about the negative things in my life and look like I have 99 problems but my entertainment isn’t one (thank you OITNB but eggnogs for GoT).

1. Smile

Even when you’re angry, try forcing yourself to smile; they (the internet or some scientist of some sort) say that it would make you feel significantly better even when the going gets tough. For example: Scene 1- you pooped your pants, laugh about it, smile because this is the worst day of your life, which technically suggests that you will have better days to come. Scene 2- you just lost your house because of your gambling problems, well shit if you smile the joke is on you because you’re stupid enough to bet your house for the 0.000001% of winner back 18% of your money BUT you still smile because you have your family with you and together you are homeless; except if you can live with your mom or your spouses’ mom.

2. Pray

Every religion has a different way of praying; however, the universally correct way of praying despite what religion is when you are doing so with full sincerity and integrity. Being thankful for something and not blaming anything is a good practice so that you could give back to the world through prayer and faith and not just through donations. For example: Scene 1- you just found your phone and for the past week you’ve been blaming your little brother for stealing it; thus, you apologize to your brother, pray and thank St. Anthony (the saint your pray to when you can’t find something) or whoever supernatural being gave you your phone back; and the next day you receive load worth of 100 credits, hence, the good karma. Scene 2 – somebody stole your bag with licenses, cards, atms, government IDs when you just withdrew your salary so you pray that the person gets his karma; the next day the police arrests your for something you didn’t do – you got framed; your prayer filled with bad intention backfires on you but you still pray nonetheless because you will always seek for forgiveness.

3. Accept

You have to accept mistakes – by forgiving. Accept failure – but not giving up. Accept losing – by sportsmanship (wag pikon or in English don’t be a sore loser crying and nagging and complaining that you lost). Accept the love that you think you deserve – perks of being a wallflower – because if you accept too much love then it is both wrong and dishonest with oneself. Accept LGBT community because #LoveWins. Accept credit cards – don’t be judgmental about just accepting cash. Shops need to give some benefit of the doubt that citizens pay their bills and not just run from them like drug lords. Accept this article as a sign of your boredom and as a sign that you accept the unknown. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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