To The People I’ll Love, But Haven’t Met Yet

Ian Schneider
Ian Schneider

This is to the people I’ll be blessed to meet in the future.

It might sound absurd to thank people you haven’t met yet. It’s usually the people you’ve already got, right? So why thank those who haven’t come yet? It’s surprisingly the same pattern though: new people will always come in your life and they’ll bring a different impact every time. They might come as a blessing but sometimes, they might come as a lesson. The only difference is the time you’ve met, or will meet. So, here’s to all of you: I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you.

You’re not in my life yet. Maybe you won’t be for another 5 to 10 years.

We might pass by each other walking in opposite directions minding our own business or we might have brushed elbows in the train while going to school.

Maybe we’ve been put in the same department and we have yet to acknowledge each other.Maybe we might even cross paths one day, I’ll be looking at my phone and you’ll be busy sketching or writing something on your notepad. We won’t even notice anything extraordinary about that day by the time we get home.

We’re just two galaxies made up of our own stars and heavenly bodies waiting to intertwine with one another. We’ve both gone through our own battles, we’ve grown thick skin from all the criticism and trials life has had to offer. We’ll both be worn down and weary some days of the week but we’ll always find rest and push on.

Maybe you’ll come from a totally different country. Your culture will be new to me. And mine will be new to you as well but we’ll have fun anyway. We’ll have fun trying to break the barriers we may face and meeting halfway when we’re at a standstill. We’ll connect the dots of what makes us tick, and talk about the things that just tick us off.

I don’t know what your name is right now. And you don’t know mine yet.

But that’s the beauty in coincidence. Sometimes you just can’t help but feel excited with the thought that among 7.3 billion people out there, your world has been suddenly linked to mine by sheer coincidence, by fate, or by time. That’s why I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you one day. I’ll look forward to the things we’ll work on, the trials we’ll face together, and learning from one another.

We’ll fight sometimes but don’t people always do? We’ll have our differences; I’ll be silent while you’ll be loud or maybe it’s the other way around. Sometimes we might even forget to appreciate one another, but at the end of the day hopefully we’ll both remember how amazing it is that the red string of fate tied us together amidst the sea of people.

There’s an endless combination of how things in the world will come out. As optimistic as I might sound, I acknowledge the fact that there are times when things won’t be as shining, shimmering, splendid as Aladdin’s flying carpet ride with Jasmine. It won’t be as bad though. Even with hair a-mess and coffee spill on my shirt, even when you look frantic looking for your keys not knowing that you left them at home; regardless of these things, I’d still marvel at how God paced my life to include a moment of meeting you.

Maybe we will cross paths one day. Not now, but one day.

Maybe after 5 or 10 years. Or it could be sooner than that, maybe when I’ve put my phone down to look around and when you’ve stop writing on your notepad and tilt your head up. I won’t be able to tell from a glance of who you are and what your role would be in my life or what I’ll be in yours, but if all goes well, hopefully we can both serve as a blessing to each other. And if and when that happens I’ll whisper under my breathe: “Thank you God”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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