Find Someone Who Breaks You


Controversial topic? Yes.

Let me start off with what I mean here.

Yes, I do in fact want you to find someone who breaks you. I want you to find somebody who challenges you every day. Somebody who does not merely exist in your life but wants to be part of it every day for the rest of your life who is there to make you better. I want to tell you that life is too short to live your life in the same routine and to play it safe. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, a man or a woman or any in between, I believe that this thought should apply to everyone.

So again find someone who breaks you.

Someone who breaks into your life one day, shatters the glass of everything that you believed in and shows you a new side of the world. Find someone who says no for the right reasons when everybody in your life says yes. Find someone who believes that in life there are two sides of a coin that can go either way and whatever the result may be, you push through it because they know you can. Find somebody revolutionary who will let you see all that is good about you and what you can do to improve in yourself every day.

Don’t settle.

Sometimes it’s better to live the life you never expected, to live with an open mind. Face your fears with somebody who brings out the very best in you but who is also willing to hold your hand along the way. Somebody who you trust will all your secrets because they’ve finally cracked you open.

Find someone who shares intimacy with you even when you’re so used to putting up the walls as you tried desperately to hide all of your fears, doubts, and your insecurities. Find somebody who you find courage in, even when you are miles apart. Find someone you can be honest with even when all this time you’ve been hiding from the world the pain and sadness that you feel because you are too afraid to show weakness. Find someone who’s able to balance you out, the yin to your yang. Find somebody who is able to bring out your wild side regardless if you’re an introvert and your softer more down to earth side even when you’re somebody extroverted.

This person who breaks you will show you a new perspective. A fresh start in life you could never find in anything else.

He or she may not be perfect but in the end they would be perfect for you.

They will BREAK you. They WILL Shatter everything you know in life. You two will go on walking this earth renewed and fresh. You will be ready to face any battle that you encounter because you know that he’ll be there to help you push through it and not just help you endure it.

Stop building up those walls, let someone in, let them break you, shatter you, KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Let yourself be weak in front of them. And if everything works out and you do find that person, you’ll realize that breaking you was the best thing that has ever happened to you. And in turn, if it is real, you will also get the chance to break them and share with them all of the things you have learned throughout your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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