I’ll Admit That Sometimes I Wish I Was A Really Hot Girl

iStockPhoto.com / Anne Baek
iStockPhoto.com / Anne Baek

I admit it. From time to time, I wish I was a really hot girl.

They get thousands of likes/comments on a basic photo of themselves. They can get a million followers for doing practically nothing (but be hot). If they’re smart, they can turn all that into revenue streams.

In fact, one KFC worker who happens to be extremely hot is making good money by being hot.

I would think she is at least.

If you can get people to pay $10/month for photos of you topless, you could become rich for being hot.

There’s tens of millions (at least) of lonely, horny guys surfing the web for stuff like that and spending money on it.

Clearly. If they weren’t there wouldn’t be a business (many businesses) based on it.

If you could get 1,000 people to pay for your topless photos every month and send them special photos every now and then, boom – $10k/month for uploading photos of yourself.

Life really is easier as a hot girl.

Or so it seems from far away. But I know there’s cons too. Being harassed daily. Unwanted attention everywhere you go. Guys being grabby. Knowing that most people are only interested in you for your looks – and as soon as they’re gone, they’ll move on to someone new/prettier.

I guess it’s a little like being a pro-football player (who they probably sleep with). While you’re young, strong and fast – you have it made. As soon as you aren’t one of the 2,000 or so fastest and strongest guys on the planet, your career is over. Unless you were one of the best of all-time, you will be completely forgotten within a couple years.

Do I feel sorry for those people? No. They get everything for a time, then they have to figure shit out like the rest of us. If they can’t that’s on them. They got used? Too bad. There were plenty of perks.

But every time I start to think like “I wish I was…” I remember that it all comes with a downside. And who I am is great. I’m moderately attractive (I work at it – eat right, exercise and sleep a lot) and I’ve found a way to be happy.

I just have to figure out the best way to use the talent/skills I do have and keep improving my life and the lives of those around me. When I do that, I’ll eventually be rewarded appropriately.

We all have our troubles and burdens. How we deal with them can make us truly great. So instead of wishing we were someone else who we think has it easier, let’s just make the best of our situations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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