Read This If You Feel Like You Suck At Life

Anthony Tori

Are you shit at life?

A few weeks ago I was walking past a school playground and heard one 13-year-old boy shout to another…

“You’re shit at life!”

Horrid, but yet deeply powerful communication skills from this acne riddled young upstart. It got me thinking though.

Thinking about times when I felt that I was ‘shit at life.’

Times when I would spend most of my “life” worrying about what I was doing with it. Was I making the right decisions? Was there something better I could be doing? Was I missing out on something bigger / more important / more fun?

In fact I didn’t actually have a life, I just had a list of decisions I couldn’t make… For me, that’s being shit at life.

Being too scared to actually engage. To take risks, and to commit fully.

So what changed? I don’t know.

But here’s my theory….

I stopped saying ‘should.’ I realized that the voice inside my head that told me what I should do was actually pretty useless at helping me feel ‘alive.’

It stopped me feeling connected with others, it stopped me feeling excited, it stopped me feeling loved, and it stopped me feeling passionate about the things that moved me. Most of all, it stopped me ‘doing’ because I was always ‘thinking.’

I stopped being shit at life, the moment I stopped trying to be so good at it.

Maybe my solution was part of the problem? Maybe the plan was wrong all along and life isn’t a game you can win.

Heaven forbid, perhaps it is even something simply to be experienced, and the best way to experience it fully is to simply commit fully. Less calculating, less risk assessments and more commitment. And what’s the secret to that?

It’s courage.

So if you don’t want to be shit at life, be brave. It may well be better than being right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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