Such Feels, So Anger – Return Of The Jezebel Tumblr King

I absolutely want the best for everybody and I understand that we all get sidetracked and make mistakes but really, I’m just tired of all the fighting with nothing getting done.

So Chrissy Stockton and Parker Marie Molloy have both written about Return of Kings over the past couple of weeks. Both, predictably, hated the site, hated the misogyny, hated the “Game” talk. Then, peeps came over to their articles and said terrible things to them cause that’s what Alpha males do, apparently. Here’s some selections.


Huh? For one thing, she’s fucking awesome. For another thing, this just doesn’t make any sense, logically.


Most guys I know that go after and get what they want in life are too busy doing it to waste time repeatedly commenting on internet forums about how they’re going after/getting what they want in life. I’m not saying that no one’s ever done this but Arnold Schwarzenegger and his analogues in the world ain’t hanging at RooshV and ROK.


LOL, I just can’t. Ridiculous.


Ok, Matt said some other pretty dickish things in those comments but here what we have is a grain of truth and that truth is that all this stuff isn’t about some objective truth about men or women. Like everything interesting in this world, this is about politics and sex and yes, internet social justice warriors can be insanely frustrating and amazingly delusional. Some examples from Tumblr and, yes, Jezebel to a lesser extent.


Just so much anger. Cross reference with Orion from above for making no sense at all.


Yeah, maybe it’s because you weren’t teaching the curriculum that parents pay for.


Stop talking about “our shit”.

And there’s this final bit in relation to the Duke lacrosse team rape accuser going to jail for stabbing her boyfriend to death. They didn’t do what they were accused up but they probably suck anyways. Apparently “onestrawplz” doesn’t actually remember the media coverage of this case and no, I didn’t hear about this being proved to be a false report until years after it happened…because it was barely covered. Jezebel gets off easy though because they’re a real site. Even when I read ridiculous comments like the one below there’s always a dozen others throwing it in the fryer. Still, they have their share.


All these people have one thing in common, they’re crazy. Oh, I don’t mean crazy in the sense that they need to be committed (though they may). I mean crazy in the sense that they are so scared and/or hurt that they’ve lost any sense of fair mindedness. Their opinions are religion now and the things they say don’t make sense. They can’t engage in discussion or hear criticism and that’s why I question whether “man” or “woman” are even accurate terms for people like this. They sound like children, bragging, whining children and I mean that literally and not as a way of making an insult.

I checked out Roosh V because commenters complained that other writers haven’t. It’s about what I thought it would be, a locker room for guys who never played varsity sports (yeah, I did). There’s lots of suggestions and articles on how to better yourself some of which seemed useful to me. There’s also a lot/lot of complaining about how horrible women are. A lot of these dudes are Red Pillers who seemingly haven’t had a lot of luck in love or had it for a while and then got screwed. There’s a lot of wounded birds on the site trying to take back control of their lives, a lot of young men trying to figure out how to be men as well. I recognize this because I used to be an early 20 something young man myself like 15 years ago and I was trying to get myself sorted out as well. I was lucky. I had a father who was a great teacher and my first serious girlfriend was nurturing and incredible.

I didn’t even have a terribly bad experience with a woman until years later and it tore me down. I developed some of that rage that I see on RooshV, what Bill Burr refers to as the “1000 yard stare.” I started to believe all women might be liars because I’d been lied to by a woman I’d loved. I started to think about love as pure function and that kind of thing. I blamed women because I was single and un-sexed. What a dope I was.

Thankfully, it didn’t last too terribly long. I never got involved in any online whatnot like I see proliferating today and, truly, I was so busy working at the time that I never could have spent the time getting into it anyway. But, the feeling lasted long enough that I can recognize it when I see it. These dudes acting this way are scared to fucking death. There’s a desperate kind of need in the above insults and in the topics presented on ROK and while some would say that is screams simply “misogny” I’d argue in another direction. I think it screams “I didn’t know my daddy” and “I never learned to talk to girls” or probably most accurately “I don’t know how to be a man.” I think that about the Tumblr quotes from above as well. I’d love to be able to do a poll and see how many members of ROK consider their fathers to have been a strong, positive presence in their lives. My guess is that it would be lower than average because what I see there is a lot of male fear. On Tumblr and many feminist sites I see a lot of female fear of men as well. “My father was mean to me.” “He cheated on me.” “Men are liars.” “All men are rapists.” “All sex is rape.” “I don’t know what I should want from a man.” Etc, etc, etc.

Fear leads to exaggeration, it leads to making absolute statements and entrenching your ideals. It leads to believing you know it all and it leads to getting butthurt pretty much all the time over the smallest things. It also leads to raising the stakes on your identity so high that you can’t change for fear of being a traitor to the cause. That ain’t Alpha and that’s not Woman. I see all these posts on the internet objectifying women and men and it’s become a bloodsport for the most part. There’s a proliferation of MRA sites that make it look like there’s an arms race happening. I see feminist commenters throw off on men even when they make legitimate points and I see men trying to be un-PC just to show how “jacked the system is.” I see all these things and I think to myself that the people that are taken into these extreme viewpoints are exactly the same. They’re scared to death that they don’t know who they are and that someone is going to be able to tell they don’t know what they’re doing. Well, I can tell you don’t know who you are and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

For Dudes

Dudes, better yourself without all the bullshit. You don’t have to be a hateful asshole just to put a notable fucking down on a beautiful woman. Maybe you’re just going through a fake it until you make it phase. I hope so because you sound silly and insecure. If a woman makes you feel bad then don’t be around her. This revenge shit through “Game” is just retarded. Useful for learning to speak with a woman, fine, but it’s not intended to be a lifestyle. If you have to pretend to be someone else in order to get laid then you’re not really getting laid, are you? A character is. Be yourself or you won’t find anyone and you’ll hate the whole thing more every day. Also, you may end up terrible in bed since you’re approaching sex from a selfish standpoint. You should worry about that.

For Ladies

Ladies, the world is full of assholes so don’t you be one too. Be nicer to each other and understand that most men just want a woman who has their best interests in mind. I’m not even kidding when I say that’s like the hugest deal ever. Also, life is not an academic exercise. Get more practical experience from real people with real lives. Social Justice is about people, remember? Preaching to the choir is no accomplishment. Also, to the younger ladies, quit having sex with shitty guys for approval and then acting like it doesn’t bother you. That facade takes a lot of energy. It’s not about whether you’re a “slut” or not. It’s about whether you’re a good judge of character or not. Have some self respect. Quit sleeping with assholes/your fantasies projected onto a man.

For Real

People need to unplug from these little cliques. It’s self brainwashing and, while I understand that when you’re young and don’t know who you are then you may need to be told for a while, please keep in mind that you should be able to think for yourself. You should have your own moral compass and your own direction you want for your life. Don’t be a sheep who checks all the opinions around you for Orthodoxy. Be someone who learns from a bit, discards a bit, and moves forward toward your goals.

Also, everyone, quit calling people names on the internet and quit being so damned afraid all the time. Give somebody a hug/back pat. Jesus, the negativity is ridiculous. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

PS: If you want to comment then try addressing the points first and the author’s intelligence or manliness second. You’ll likely have better luck that way as well.

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