Bam! Here’s Your X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer Hot Off The Presses


And there it is, the trailer for the movie that 11 year old me would have walked over my mother’s dead body to watch. Now normally I wouldn’t be particularly excited since X-Men 2 and 3 were absolute abominations (1 wasn’t very good either in retrospect) but X-Men: First Class was a fantastic film. The problem of Stewart and McKellan phoning it in while uttering terrible lines was solved by replacing both actors and injecting actual emotion into the story. Frankly, it looks like this is going to be just as interesting a film as First Class was with a major focus on character development ie how Professor X became himself amid a probably Mutant holocaust scenario the full force of which Magneto had already lived through in a Nazi Germany death camp.

The only bad thing I see is that they’ve continued to recast Halle Berry in the role of Storm. Look, I know they were going for an all star cast but would it kill them to hire an actual African actress if not an actual Kenyan? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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