14 Proper Ways To Think About What Exactly A Big Penis Is

6. Don’t ever stay with someone who makes you feel badly or critical about aspects of your body that you can’t change.

I’ve had female friends who talked disparagingly to me about their mate’s smaller than average genitals. People do this, they say shitty things. He couldn’t help what he had but he was desperately in love with her and she used that against him. She’s not a bad person, basically, she just thought and said bad things to him. It wasn’t his fault but he should have quit her as soon as she started with the whole size discussion.

There are things I would never say to my girlfriend even if I felt them. Some people just aren’t a match and this is okay. You not being her match or vice versa is meaningless. It’s just how life is.

Not everyone’s a good pairing. There should be no morality attached to this. Live and let live. Regardless, don’t tolerate cock shaming, ever.

7. As far as archetypes go, big dicks have pretty much been associated with the gambit.

Orion has a big one (that’s not his sword) but they were seen as barbaric by the Greeks as well and a small one was seen as more in line with the ideal form since the mind was the most important thing about a man.

There’s always a battle between body and mind in every man I’ve ever known, myself included. Between the “ravisher” and the classical “lover.” Cultivate the lover and a more appealing ravisher will appear. Let your virility fuel your mind.

8. Women are notoriously bad at judging specific size and besides, men are the only ones that are basically engineering professionals about their dicks.

If you know you don’t have a big one then don’t ask if she thinks you do. This puts her in a terrible situation if she likes you and an annoying situation if she’s just ho-hum.

You know what you’ve got. Don’t go chasing down rabbit holes trying to find out who she’s been with that was bigger than you.

The answer, if she can even provide one, is likely meaningless. If you really are big and you like to hear that and she simply says it then good on you. Let’s let reality be reality here and not force anything because force often breaks things and people.

9. I have a very good friend that told me, regarding cock size, that the big ones were sometimes work to handle but that she’s met many men of average or smaller size that knew what they were doing and always left her wanting more of them in a good way.

Her most memorable lover was on the lower end of average (this is the one girl I’ve ever known who I believe qualifies as an engineer of penis size and there was no shame in her game).

10. On the other side, there are men with big cocks that are great lovers and when they pair with women who like big dicks then it’s magic.

But, the same goes for average and smaller men. There’s no need to disparage anyone’s size or ability as a lover out of jealousy or fear. It only makes you look immature and talking shit doesn’t change anything anyway.

Focus on being confident in who you are and sharing that person and cultivate good bedroom habits and technique. Control what you can control and let the rest worry for itself.


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