10 Things Every Woman Is Thankful For After College


10. Perfume/Febreeze/Deodorant/Body spray: Don’t lie. You and I both know you didn’t actually shower every morning before 8 a.m. lecture.

9. Social media: Because the whole world needed to know the new holiday cups were back at Starbucks…

8. Toilet paper: I don’t care if you live with two people or twelve – You should be thankful this stuff exists, and can be found two for a dollar at Walmart.

7. Yoga pants: Regardless of you waking up late or having that late night stint at Taco Bell – these bad boys made your behind look scrumptious.

6. Heat and/or air conditioning: Only those who have gone without it could possibly understand. Shout out to the electric blanket and slip and slides.

5. Garbage men: I can’t imagine what our college house would have reeked of, had these men not picked up the beer cans, pizza leftovers, and Ron Diaz 1.75 bottles every Thursday morning.

4. Boots: Black, brown, grey. Short, high, wedge, heel. Pick your style. Boots changed the act of going to class looking homeless, to going to class looking socially acceptable.

3. Happy Hours: An affordable way to forget about losing your entire term paper on your desktop or just celebrate being alive and surviving another day.

2. Birth control: Yep.

1. Apple: iPhone, Mac Pro, iPad, and iPod. I would not have made it through and 4005 Law of Communications without you…come to think of it, I would not have made it through any class without you.

Honorable Mention

-Ink: Finding a free printer or mooching off of your roommates’ for the 25 pager due in the morning was a godsend.
-Boxed wine: Because you needed an affordable way to take the edge off
-Netflix: the cure of boredom, hangovers and avoiding any type of actual work. TC Mark

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