How Faith Gives Humanity Meaning

averie woodard

There are many things which distinguish
The human people from other types of creatures.
They have bodies like the animals,
Immortal spirits like heavenly angels.

They were made from dust out of love,
Formed in the likeness of the divine.
Man was given a mind to know moral good,
To possess an understanding more than any beast;
In short, to learn from past mistakes.

People were born to love and to create,
To leap into the unknown,
And not to hesitate.

They have the instinct to survive.
What is it they desire?
Is it peace, joy, thrill, adventure?

They dream, but they also put into effect.
They break through strong barriers.
They crave; they are driven; they are searching.

They search the world; they search the stars.
But sometimes they forget the best places to look,
To look at their fellow humanity and even into themselves.

They raise themselves as gods.
Or they treat one another like scum.
Some do good; some do wrong.
This is certain, life is a battle with a meaning.
For that is the battle: the quest for meaning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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