Little Reminders For Strong People Who Are (Temporarily) Feeling Weak

Manuel Del Moral

When your voice feels weak, and the world silences to your presence, all you need is some bolstering, from within.

Sure, you feel you are tired. Sure, you feel you are not needed anymore. Sure, you feel you are not the same person you used to be. But that means you have made a step ahead. That means you tried to do something. That means you have changed. That means you have fought. That means you have dreamed. And that’s better than nothing, right? It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to be wounded… it’s okay, it will be okay. It always does.

Fulfillment is not a finite act of doing things right, but an infinite cycle of doing the right things in life.

When you feel you’ve had a long day, remember the birds flying endlessly from the day they learned how to ascend. They too, get tired, but why do birds continue to fly? Because they can, because they have wings, and those wings are a responsibility they have to carry forever. Plans fail, momentums break, friends betray, constructions fall apart, plants wither, relationships falter, people die, things come to their end – but these are reminders of an imperfection people face every day. Long suffering is not a feeling, but a state of mind and a phase in life. Acknowledge the pain, cry, then try again. Being a person is a responsibility to fulfill, not a probability to test, and you only have one shot.

Sometimes you just need to be entangled to find the right angle in life.

You feel you’re left behind, but it is in this down time that you are able to speed up your understanding of life, particularly, your life. You may feel unnecessary, but that doesn’t make you incapacitated. Maybe you miss the busy streets, deadlines never ending, and the glory of widening your knowledge for all the great things you do while applying your acquired skills, but the greater glory lies in nothingness. When you start to stop doing things, you learn how to un-learn things that made you tough. You appreciate simple things. You hear your heartbeat and what it tells you. Trust yourself and God, because your vocation will never leave. If the desire to do your passion stopped at some point, then it will find its way to you, by all means.

Your dream is not a certainty to wait for, but an uncertainty to work hard for.

Hope is a sign of life anew, and you keep hoping because you desire something better, because you feel something will come along, because you… hope. Life may dictate a lot of constraints but the future will never; it is boundless and will take you where your heart and mind wants to be. Dreaming makes you hope, working for your dreams make you gasp, and disappointments make you want to give up. But remember, any reality that you face will never define the quality of the life that you’re about to make. Reality always gets the superlative of you – either you give it your best, or your worst. Sometimes, lying about things helps, too, because you are afraid to face the unknown. Worry not about lying, worry about what you will do to make it real. “Fake ‘til you make it”, right?

One day, you will prove to your options that you are the choice.

But for now, start with your inner self – realize that who you are is enough, and even if you are not the best based from people’s prejudice, all you have to give is the best of you. Your dreams will come to life, but you have to come to life first. Keep walking, keep standing up, and keep the faith towards your voice from the heart.

Levitate your dream.

Live your dream. Let your dream go to dimensions beyond imagining. Let your dream always be a beginning, but never an ending. Dream big, and never settle for less. Never go away with idealism, but always consider pragmatism. Stay triumphant, and never let anyone count you out.

Keep smiling. Smiling is already a dream come true for voices shattered in this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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