Steak Knife


From just us with no justice
to just you left with the truth
to seeing right through
And seeing that you’re right too
and I’ll fight too
because what hurts you, hurts me too

All of us in pain and scared
but not yet do our veins run bare
Leave the gun in the glovebox;
the silencer is enough
Trap truth in shadows or ignore it
like it did something wrong
They say it is better to ask
for forgiveness than permission
Those who stay with us as nightmares say,
I’ll do you one better, I won’t ask for either

Corpses are the only ones who can speak on the afterlife;
this is the séance, the nuisance of words
that you can’t speak until you’ve heard them
No man who frequently wears a bandana has heard
that he was asking for cancer
Like no pheasant has heard
why bullets prefer them to seagulls

But there is no simile more illustrious than comparing a thing to itself
It’s like we are watching our mothers cry and ignoring it
It’s like our sisters must carry guns and tasers to defend their equality
It’s like we care more about entitled socialites than the bodies on the floor looking dead
Turned into just bodies on the floor now they can’t get up and they wish they were dead
It’s like inverted murder is invisible if you close your eyes
It’s like a boy raised not to hit girls keeps getting hit by girls
It’s like we have villainized victims and victimized villains

No one cares when a monster sleeps under the bed of a monster
Always talking about how monsters feel even though they don’t
Never talking about what they do but how they didn’t mean to
They didn’t mean to be the villain and the victim
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