Foolish Manboy, She Has A Power You Know Nothing Of / Vizerskaya / Vizerskaya

Foolish Manboy, did you think
that by merely having your cock
inside of her for a few moments,
you’d achieved something notable?
That an orgasm and a distraction
from your emptiness was the extent
of what she had to offer you?
Did you suppose that by checking her
off your list of conquests, and propping up
your flaccid ego, that you had claimed her?
She has secrets you know nothing of.
Her heart is unexplored territory.
Her secret soul is virginal still.
She awaits an intimacy more naked than skin.
You only visited her shores briefly,
but did not penetrate her mainland
where strange birds sing and ripe fruit sways.
Your lack of ambition blinded you
to what the maps in her eyes
were so desperately wanting to tell you.
She is a wild, tangled forest
with temples and treasures concealed within.
An undiscovered human continent, vast and fertile,
awaiting a braver, more worthy adventurer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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