NYT 'Most Popular' Articles Judged By Someone Who Hasn't Read Any Of Them

This week has been full of especially news-worthy events. Let’s see what the New York Times and its readers are reading to stay informed.
  1. Is Law School A Losing Game? – Yes. Don’t go, or, if it’s too late for that, drop out.
  2. NYT Most Popular Stories for January 13, 2011
  3. The Temporary Vegetarian: Cabbage’s Sweet Side – Now this is what I’m talking about. News! Why, WHY, am I only hearing about this now?
  4. Recipe: Bess Feigenbaum’s Cabbage Soup – PHEW. I was worried the Times had blown their cabbage load with the previous entry. Good thing for us cabbage enthusiasts out there the Times responded to their readers’ demands. You want cabbage news, you GOT cabbage news.
  5. United Tastes: How the Microplane Grater Escaped the Garage – Oh my God, HOW?! HOW?! Never before has a headline so captivated my imagination! I want the novel version.
  6. Navigating the Airfare Maze Gets Tougher – You’re goddamn right it does. Somebody’s J-School dream just got realized.
  7. Well: The Hazards of the Couch – There’s more than one?! I should sit down for this – OH GOD IT’S A TRAP.
  8. Nicholas D Kristoff: Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys? – Why don’t you shut the hell up, nerd-bomber? The real question: Why not regulate couches as seriously as guns? (see above)
  9. The 41 Places to Go in 2011 – Couch! Couch! Couch!
  10. Can Europe Be Saved – BORING. What is this, The European Times? What happened to all the great cabbage coverage from before? Oh, there it is – still at the top. Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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