7 Reasons Why Taking A Date To The Races Is A Sure Bet


Let’s say you’re a single guy, early-to-mid-20’s. You’ve got your eye on a certain special lady and you want to impress her. Spring is almost here and you’re thinking of a unique approach to get outside and really show your personality in a fun and interesting way. The date to the racetrack is a perfect way to show her something different. Here’s why:

1. You can dress up.

You obviously want to show this young lady that you’ve got style. Put on a nice spring-colored, button-down shirt and some khakis or jeans, and maybe even add a sport coat and tie if you’re confident enough. (Side note: Under no circumstances is it okay to rock the jeans/tie combo).

2. She can dress up.

Don’t kid yourself; girls like to dress up way more than you do. But the environment at the racetrack is one that encourages fashion and promotes the good life. She’s already more excited than she would be if you were taking her to a baseball game.

3. Studying a little goes a long way.

99% of girls I’ve seen at the track for the first time bet on a horse exclusively because of the color or the name, which is fine. But if you can show her that you are knowledgeable of how to read a program and how to make a bet, you can look confident and intelligent.

4. Take the edge off.

A day at the races is a celebration of one of America’s oldest sporting traditions. Have a cocktail or two throughout the day. Obviously don’t get too wasted to the point that you lose your date, but there’s nothing quite like liquid courage in the form of a Bloody Mary.

5. It doesn’t have to be just the two of you.

It’s not a bad idea to take a couple of your boys to the track with you for the first time and feel it out. Figure out where the best views of the track are; the fastest places to get a drink and make sure you learn a little something about the program and the gambling. By the time you line up a few girls to take with you, you’ll look like a couple of old pros.

6. It’s cheaper than most sporting events.

Hop on StubHub and check out ticket prices for your next local pro or college basketball/baseball game. Sound expensive? General admission to most tracks is $5 or less. Sure you’re going to spend some money on food and drinks, but that’s going to happen anywhere you go. Don’t make too many/ too big of bets early on if you’re not comfortable.

7. Take your lady up close.

There’s absolutely no place you’d rather be when the weather is working in your favor. To see these big majestic creatures moving so fast, yet with such elegance is not something you typically see every day. Get her up close so she falls in love with the horse, and maybe falls for you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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