6 Ways To Avoid Getting Bored In A Relationship


Are you getting bored in a relationship? And want to know know to fix a boring relationship?

When we think of romantic relationships, we think thoughts of loving and being happy with that special someone. But over the years, when you’ve got to know each other too well and things have become a routine, the excitement seems to fade away.

So, how do you keep things romantic and always exciting in a relationship? How can you or your partner avoid feeling like the romance is gone? You shouldn’t only spice things up at the beginning in order to build a relationship with your special someone. You have to do it at different points throughout your years together. It’s the secret to a happy and healthy relationship. So how can we achieve this?

How to Spice Up Romantic Relationships

Lighted candles, body massage, and bubble baths are simply not enough to keep the romance alive. You need to liven things up and re-introduce romance into the relationship. Here are tips to effectively spice things up:

  1. Reignite Past Positive Memories: Dwelling on the bad things won’t change those things. It’s better to think of all the good times you’ve spent together. Visit those memorable places you’ve been to before such as where you spent your first anniversary or where you first met. Spend some time away from work or other things that’s been keeping your attention away from each other. Some time alone together in these places will help cause you both to remember the way ye felt about each other then.
  2. Learn to understand and be forgiving of your partner’s mistakes: The best times in any relationship are said to be the first few years of being a couple. And as time goes by, either one or both of you become less demonstrative of your affection to the other. You also find yourselves arguing even on the smallest things. The reality is that a lot of these petty fights can be avoided if you just know how to understand and forgive your partner’s mistakes or shortcomings. Be sensitive to his or her needs as well. You’ll never be able to spice things up if you can’t have a positive outlook in your relationship.
  3. Find change within yourself: Often, we say we love our partner because of who he or she is. But at the back of our mind, we are actually expecting that our partner will become the person we want for us. This will eventually come out sooner or later, when you find yourselves getting into a lot of misunderstandings and hurt. Don’t try to change your partner into someone you want him or her to be. If you want change, start within yourself. Figure out where you need to improve or ask your partner what he’d like better from you. Improving how you are in the relationship does a lot to improve the relationship itself.
  4. Be expressive of your love and be generous on compliments: A good compliment is always appreciated. So, learn to be vocal on what you like about your partner and what you appreciate him doing. Don’t overlook simple things such as saying “thank you” and “I love you” whenever appropriate. Simple courtesies bring you back to the basics of romance.
  5. Encourage one another to talk and listen: A common scenario is the woman nagging and a man not listening or both man and woman are talking and shouting at each other. This can be prevented if you both know how to listen and give each other the time to talk. Usually, men are not used to talking compared to women. So, if you’re a woman, try to balance this out by letting your man talk while you listen. If you’re the only one who does the talking, you’ll never hear what your partner has to say! An open communication line will make it much easier for romance to flow back into the relationship.
  6. Find ways to release stress: Allotting time for relaxation will help get rid of all the stress and pressures in life, and allow you to be sensuous to your partner again. This helps allow you be in tune again with one another and make you see each other in a better light. Passion will consequently have a better chance of burning when you both have removed the bad stress from your lives.

Why can’t I have a romantic love story like in the movies?

Because what you see in the movies is an idealized version of love. What do i mean by this? Well have you ever seen those perfect photoshoots of models only to find out that what you see isn’t actually real at all, but that their faces and bodies have been heavily touched up in order to make them more beautiful?

The same holds true for hollywood romantic rom-coms. These types of films are pleasing on the eye and mind and show how love would look in a perfect world …but not the real world. This is what each and every person must realize when entering a relationship or marriage. It is possible to have a romantic love story that is completely fulfilling and satisfying, but you must realize that you shouldn’t be trying to chase the fiction you see in hollywood movies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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