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One of the most powerful ways to make someone fall in love with you is to program their mind to constantly think about you all the time. When you do this, it’s like planting a seed in the person’s mind that grows and grows as each day passes…until eventually the person begins to fall in love with you.

One of the easiest ways (and one of the most powerful ways) to get someone to think about you is to share personal information with them. Even if you alone were to share personal information with someone and they don’t even reciprocate in sharing, it can have a powerful effect on the way that person’s subconscious views you.

And how someone’s subconscious views you is CRITICAL to making them fall in love with you.

How Sharing Personal Information Causes The Mind To Start Thinking About Someone

When a person shares personal information with you, your subconscious mind begins to be programmed into thinking that this person must be close to you. This is because only people who are close to one another share personal information.

And if you can program a persons subconscious mind into thinking the two of you are already close (like this), it can make the person begin to accept this as an already existing fact. The persons subconscious has in effect taken you out of the category of being just another ordinary person in their life …and into the category of being one of their close companions.

This is an IMPORTANT first step in the process of making someone fall for you.

The process of sharing personal information is in-and-of-itself an intimate act. And because the person wasn’t expecting this from you (before now), this will cause them to think about you more and more over the coming few days.

What kind of information should I share?

Right now, make a list of personal things going on in your life. It may be a family situation, a personal situation at work, or an ambition or goal you have in your life. It should be something that not many people know about.

When you are telling the person this information, it’s important that they recognise that this is information which you are only sharing with a select few (and maybe even ONLY them). You might use lines like:

“I’m trying to keep this quiet, but today at work…”
“Not many people know this but my Mom is…
“I’m having a personal situation at the moment at work. I was wondering if I could get your advice on it?”
“You seem like someone who would know what to do in a situation I’m having at the moment. It has to do with…”

As you can see, all these lines emphasise the fact that what you are sharing is private and personal information and that the information has a certain level of exclusivity to it. It’s not something you would share with just anyone.

You are sending the person’s subconscious the message that you feel comfortable enough with them to share such personal information with them. You are also displaying to the person’s subconscious mind that you value the person’s opinion (people love being made feel important) on something which is important to your life.

All of these INCREASE the level of rapport built by sharing the information in the first place.

Final Thought

Couples (already in a relationship) regularly share personal information with one another. So by doing the above, you are helping to indirectly program the person’s mind that the both of you might be potential couple material.

The fact that you are already sharing personal information with one another helps program their mind that you have (in some small way) already begun a defacto relationship…simply by virtue of the fact that private personal information has been shared between you both.

This is one of the first key steps you need to take on the road to not only making someone think about you…but in making them fall in love with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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