In Case You Forgot, Eddie Murphy Wants You To Put Things In Your Butt

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

While clicking through the endless abyss that is the Internet, my friend and I struck gold.

And by that, I mean that we found this recording of a track off of Eddie Murphy’s self-titled debut comedy album from 1982.

The song? A true classic, “Boogie In Your Butt.”

Extremely homophobic lyrics aside, the remaining lines are so unbelievable, you can’t help but laugh and wonder what Eddie Murphy was thinking.

Some highlights:

Say, put a tree in your butt
Put a, a bumblebee in your butt
Put a clock in your butt
Put a big rock in your butt

Say, put some fleas in your butt
Say, start to sneeze in your butt
Say, put a tin can in your butt
Put a little tiny man in your butt

Say, put a light in your butt
Say, make it bright in your butt
Say, put a TV in your butt
Say, put me in your butt

Also, let’s not forget that this gem of a music video exists:

Okay, now return to your life, as if you haven’t been completely changed by this marvelously weird experience.

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