15 Signs You’re Secretly Kind Of Sort Of A Huge Fan Of Boy Bands


1. If someone ever asks you if you like One Direction or any other boy band, you’ll get extremely defensive and adamantly deny everything. I’M AN ADULT, NOT A TEENAGER! I LISTEN TO ADULT MUSIC.

2. At least half of your work-out playlist is comprised of boy band singles… but that’s just because they’re all upbeat and fit really well with your exercise routine.

3. …But down deep, you know they’re on there because they’re actually really catchy and fun.

4. If anyone asks, you have no idea who all the members of One Direction are. There’s the one Taylor Swift dated, and the one that left the band? Or is that the same person? I don’t know…

5. …But you know their names. All of them.

6. …And you silently judge anyone who doesn’t agree that Harry is the best.

7. You justify having the entire discographies of the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync on your computer by saying that they’re ~Classics~ and ~Your Childhood~ and ~You only listen to them like once a year when you’re feeling nostalgic.~

8. …But NOPE. Unless you feel nostalgic every single time you’re alone in your apartment, you’re listening to them because you like them. (Which is understandable, THEY HOLD UP, OKAY??)

9. When you’re in the car with people and the latest boy band hit starts playing on the radio, you’ll very dramatically change the station. UGHHHH This song, AGAIN? They need to play better music!

10. …But if you’re in the car alone, you might as well just listen to it, it’s only 3 minutes of your life, and the rest of the stations probably have commercials, and it’s not like you’re really listening anyway, and THE STORY OF MY LIIIIIIIIFEEEE!!

11. The only reason you’re up to date on all of the latest gossip is because it’s everywhere. You really can’t help but know who everyone’s dating when it’s all anyone on social media can talk about. You definitely didn’t read all the articles.

12. You’re always kind of curious to watch the latest boy band documentary, but your pride is too stubborn to allow you to go into the theater… so you’ll just stream it online later. When you’re alone. In the Incognito window. (It’s basically porn. You’re treating this the same way porn would be watched.)

13. The only reason you watch their music videos is so that you know what all of the fuss is about. That’s the only reason. Yep. It’s not because you’ve been kind of looking forward to its release. Nope. That’s not the real reason at all.

14. The only way you would go to a boy band concert were if your niece really wanted to go… and you surprised her with tickets and matching t-shirts…BUT THAT’S JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE A GOOD AUNT, ALRIGHT?

15. Even after reading this, you’ll still shake your head and deny everything. It’s just a phase. This one song is just really catchy. It doesn’t mean anything. But it’s okay. Admit it. You’re a fan of boy bands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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