14 Struggles Of Loving To Cook But Living In A Tiny Apartment


1. When you first walked through your apartment with the landlord, you saw the “quaint” living room and the bedroom that was “perfect for one” and thought, It’s small, but I can work with this.

2. …The you caught a glimpse of the minuscule kitchen and thought, OH NO THIS IS HORRIBLE. I CAN’T. I JUST CAN’T. WHERE IS MY SLOW COOKER GOING TO GO.

3. Whenever you cook anything that requires at least a tiny amount of heat, your entire apartment transforms into what you assume is Satan’s summer home…which is great in the winter, but literal Hell in the summer.

4. As a result, SALADS ALL SUMMER!

5. …But you also save loads of money on your heating bill in the winter, because as soon as it gets chilly, you have an automatic excuse to bake and warm up the entire apartment complex.

6. You want to host dinner at your place to show off your expert cooking skills to all your friends, but it’s physically impossible to fit all of them into your apartment at the same time.

7. …So you’re always suggesting that another friend throws the party and everyone one brings a dish with them. (Although, to be quite honest, you’d be totally cool just bringing all the food.)

8. You dream of buying one of those fancy KitchenAid stand mixers, but know that you don’t possibly have the counter space… and it breaks your heart a little bit every day.

9. Whenever you visit home, you automatically take over the family kitchen and COOK ALL THE THINGS. YOU’VE MISSED THIS DOUBLE OVEN SO MUCH.

10. You have to practice extreme self-control whenever you’re walking through the kitchen supplies section of any store, because while you desperately want to bake that poppy seed cake that you’re famous for at home, it just doesn’t make sense for you to have a bundt pan when your cabinets are already overflowing as it is.

11. …But you’ve also converted (at least) part of your living room into extra kitchen storage, because YOU JUST COULDN’T HELP YOURSELF. THE BUNDT PAN WAS ON SALE.

12. …However, to keep your apartment looking classy, you’ve also scoured Pinterest for cute display options, so it looks like you’re totally keeping all those mixing bowls in the living room for a reason. It’s all a part of your meticulously planned out decor. Not because there’s literally no room for all of that stuff in the room where it actually belongs. Duh.

13. You have an entire folder saved on your computer browser labeled, “One Day.” It’s filled with recipes that you definitely want to try, but don’t have the means to make them with your current living arrangements.

14. You may not have your dream wedding figured out, but you sure as hell have your dream kitchen planned out down to the last spatula. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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