13 Things That Happen When You Love Music But Have Zero Musical Talent


1. Whenever you and your friends go out for karaoke, you know you’re going to physically injure everyone’s eardrums and probably emotionally scar a few newcomers, but you don’t care. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

2. Plus, even if you sound bad, you’re guaranteed to impress everyone with your mastery of the lyrics. The screen with lyrics is more of a decoration for you.

3. As a result, you dream of the day when you’re famous enough for LL Cool J to invite you onto Lip Sync Battle. It’s your destiny.

4. In high school, you really wanted to join choir, band, or musical theater, but quickly realized that you were going to be THAT PERSON in the class who was basically that Scientist Dog meme:


Just replace the goggles with concert attire and the beaker with sheet music. Not good.

5. …So instead you were that person that constantly had their headphones with them and always had the inside scoop on what cool, new artist everyone should be listening to.

6. You once tried learning how to play your favorite songs on the piano…. it did not end well. Now you can’t really listen to that song anymore without getting a tad sad.

7. You secretly despise anyone who naturally has a wonderful voice, but doesn’t really care for singing or performing. IT’S NOT FAIR. NOT FAIR, I SAY.

8. Your closet is full of instruments you tried to learn. Guitar, ukelele, harmonica, everything. You know you should probably just donate them, but you still can’t bring yourself to give up hope just yet.

9. Your car = Heaven. You can belt out any song you want without worrying about people overhearing you and judging. Your car loves you no matter what.

10. The closest you’ve come to rocking a stage is every morning when you daydream that you’re the lead singer of Queen, and totally nailing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” In reality? Mama, just killed a man. Plugged my mike into the amp, started singing, now he’s dead.

11. You dread going to birthday parties solely because you’ll undoubtedly be in the room when everyone is forced to sing “Happy Birthday” aloud. No thank you. You’ll just put your expert lip syncing to work.

12. Sometimes when the music is just too good, you’ll sing aloud and just pretend that you’re totally singing horribly on purpose. LOLOL you’re just super funny! Get it? Get it?!?! *sobs*

13. You’re really self conscious of how off beat your finger drumming is. YOU JUST WANNA TAP ALONG TO THE SONG, BUT YOU JUST CAN’T. DO. IT. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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