12 Things That People Who Are Constantly Overwhelmed By Social Media Understand


1. The number of ways a person can communicate with you is EXHAUSTING. Your sister’s texting you while your best friend is Facebook messaging you and your boss is emailing you and that friend from high school is tweeting at you and now your Instagram has a notification and CAN WE PLEASE JUST TAKE A BREAK???

2. You truly have a love/hate relationship with your phone. You LOVE having IMDB and YouTube at your fingertips, but you HATE being tied to a device for pretty much everything you need during the day.

3. As a result, you’re well known among your family and friends as someone who’s particularly hard to get ahold of.

4. …And you have a long list of pre-planned excuses as to why you couldn’t return your sister’s phone call for an entire week. Oh sorry… work has been really crazy this week, and I kept forgetting my phone at the office, and then when I remembered it, I forgot the charger, and it’s just been a MESS.

5. Days when you ignore your phone completely are BLISS.

6. …Okay, let’s be honest. Unless there’s an emergency, you’ll go weeks without paying attention to your phone.

7. People that are on top of their social media baffle you. AREN’T YOU TIRED? DON’T YOU NEED A BREAK FROM THE ENDLESS NEWSFEEDS?? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

8. You’re always the last to join any popular social media, because UGHH Why do I need a Facebook AND an Instagram??? What’s the difference? (Apparently there is one, but I have yet to figure it out.)

9. While other people are planning elaborate vacations to exotic locations, you’re just really excited that you have a socially acceptable reason to ignore your phone.

10. You contemplate deleting all of your social media accounts daily.

11. …But then realize that you do kind of like to see what everyone’s up to, so you always end up keeping them. For today at least.

12. You’ve very seriously considered switching back to a flip phone, where the most advanced technology on it is an 8-bit Kelly Clarkson ringtone and Snake. The sheer simplicity of it thrills you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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