27 Small Acts Of Kindness That Will Help You Lead A More Fulfilling Life


1. Pay for a stranger’s coffee without telling them, so they have a nice surprise when they approach the register.

2. Smile at people as you walk by. You never know who might need it.

3. Offer to help carry someone’s groceries, books, etc. if they’re struggling.

4. Read a good book. (This is mostly a kindness to yourself). Pick one that expands your worldview.

5. Compliment someone without expecting anything in return.

6. Make a baby laugh.

7. Thank the people close to you for simply being who they are.

8. Ask someone about their day and let them talk about it for as long as they want without changing the subject.

9. Hug someone and be the last to let go.

10. Donate your favorite books to your local library or shelter.

11. Forgive someone you’ve held a grudge against, because everyone’s human and makes mistakes.

12. Donate food, toys, etc. to your local animal shelter.

13. Add some coins to parking meters that are close to or have already expired.

14. Let the person with just a few items cut you in line at the grocery store.

15. When dining out, make a point to tell the manager that your server and chef did a great job.

16. Donate blood if you’re able.

17. Buy a homeless person lunch, then eat with them and chat about their life.

18. Take a flyer from the person on the street distributing them.

19. Email or visit an old teacher and thank them for all they did for you.

20. Spend an afternoon visiting your local nursing home.

21. Give flowers to someone you care about.

22. Shop at your local mom-and-pop store as often as possible.

23. Buy a little extra when grocery shopping to donate to your local food bank.

24. Leave a kind note in a library book (on a Post-It please).

25. Treat your friend to their favorite food, just because.

26. Offer to return a person’s cart for them, especially if they’re elderly or a parent with young kids.

27. Make sure you’re on the bone marrow registry. If you’re not, go register! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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