The Sharknado 3 Drinking Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

Take a dainty sip when:

-A character is eaten by a shark.
-Someone utters, “Oh Hell No!”
-Someone calls out, “Fin!”
-A normally harmless item is used to gruesomely kill a shark.


Take a shot when:

-A major character dies.
-A shark is killed in dramatic slow motion.
-A character makes a decision that’s absolutely nonsensical and downright confusing.
-It’s raining sharks.

Sharknado 2
Sharknado 2

Finish your drink when:

-The laws of physics and biology rule that someone should in all logic die, and they miraculously survive.
-The movie manages to outdo the most ridiculous and hilarious moment in cinematic history AKA the chainsaw hand.

Sharknado 2
Sharknado 2

I mean, really. LOL how can they top this.

Drink responsibly, may the shark be with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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