20 Signs You Really Do Live With No Regrets

It takes a courageous person to live fiercely and without any regrets. You must not be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them, and then move forward over and over again. But when you’re able to do that, embracing every challenge and opportunity that intrigues you, the rewards are worth any stumbles you may encounter on the way. In partnership with Jeep, we’ve compiled 20 signs that you’re the type of person who lives your life with zero regrets.



1. You’re not afraid to venture out on your own. If none of your friends want to go see the movie you’ve been dying to see or road trip out to the continental divide, you don’t hesitate to just go by yourself.

2. Even when you regret eating something new or trying some grueling workout, you’re still happy you tried it, because now you know to not do that again.

3. “What’s the worst that can happen?” is your life motto, and incidentally, also what you want inscribed on your gravestone, because how funny would that be?

4. When you look back on old pictures of yourself, you laugh at the horrible haircut and embarrassing outfit that went out of style about two weeks after the picture was taken because ‘whatever’. You thought you were killin’ it when that picture was taken and that’s all that matters.

5. You don’t hold grudges because they’re just bitter regrets. You’d much prefer to forgive, forget, and continue living your life in the happiest way possible.

6. You’re always the first person to challenge someone else’s opinion–not because you like to prove people wrong, but because intellectual dialogues excite you and you’re always looking for opportunities to increase your knowledge.

7. Your Instagram game is on point. You’re always on top of sharing your adventures with other people in the hopes that you’ll inspire them to go out and have adventures of their own.

8. You love openly. You never want to be that person who wonders what would have happened if you hadn’t gone after that relationship. You would much rather be the one that went for it, failed, and got your heart broken than the one who will never know what could have been.

9. You know a little bit about a lot of things, because you’re not afraid to try anything at least once.

10. As a result, your friends always come to you for advice. What kind of shoes should I get for my salsa dancing class? My girlfriend really wants to try skydiving, but I’m positive I will die. Should I try it anyway?

11. If something doesn’t work out, you let it slide off your back. You understand that in life, annoying stuff happens that you won’t be able to control, and there’s no use stewing over something that couldn’t be avoided.

12. You have a hard time answering the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” because you’re open to so many possibilities. You could tell people that you just hope to be working your way up the corporate ladder, but the honest answer is that you want to be doing something that challenges you and makes you happy, which may or may not include a corporate ladder.

13. You understand that every seemingly lackluster job you’ve taken has led you to where you are today. So when people laugh that you were once a dancing pickle for a local deli, you just chuckle along because you know that you would totally do it all over again.

14. When you do make a horrible decision, you refuse to wallow because that does zero good. You would much rather pick yourself up and move on.

15. Anytime a friend sort of wants to do something a little crazy, they come to you and ask if you will do it with them. They know that you will encourage them to go through with their plans and make sure they have a fantastic time.

16. Your weekends are always full of cool adventures, like hiking or wine tasting or crate digging, because you see every weekend as an opportunity ripe for the picking.

17. Which means that your water cooler material is always exciting. Coworkers are always excited to hear about your weekend, and you love sharing your stories.

18. And on weekends when you’re exhausted and need a few days to laze around, do chores, and binge on Netflix, you’re still totally satisfied, because your days of adventure make you appreciate your days of relaxation that much more.

19. You stand up for other people. You refuse to be the person who stands by as another person is belittled.

20. You’re always on the forefront of any fads, because you’re always searching for new things to try. Seriously, you hate being that hipster that says, “I knew about that before it was cool,” but….. you did. Sorry, not sorry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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