19 Foolproof Excuses For Getting Out Of Your Weekend Plans

Antonio Guillem
Antonio Guillem

1. “Can’t come out, something came up. THANKS OBAMA.”

2. “Adele started playing on Spotify, not emotionally ready to interact with people now.”

3. “I’m in The Zone. Can’t leave. …Yes, it’s my comfort zone, but that doesn’t change anything.”

4. “Sorry, this is their mother. Some Freaky Friday stuff just happened, and we have to sort this out ASAP.”

5. “DID YOU SEE THE CLOUDS TODAY? I know a bad omen when I see one.”

6. “I have plans with Rihanna this weekend. Someone owes her money.”

7. “There’s this thing at this place with these people that I HAVE to go to. Completely unavoidable.”

8. “My free trial for Audible ends this weekend, and I’m only halfway through the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

9. “I don’t like the way my fish is looking at me. I think he’s plotting something. Must stay home and get to the bottom of this.”

10. “I’m driving my mom to the airport. All weekend.”

11. “I have a library book due on Monday, so I have to start and finish that pretty quickly.”

12. “I lost my phone, so I’m utterly useless until that’s found.”

13. “I’ve been neglecting my bed a lot recently, so I should spend some quality time with it before it gets hurt.”

14. “California’s in a drought, so I don’t think it’s right to go out and potentially waste water.”

15. “I didn’t forward one of those emails years ago, and it said I would die young if I didn’t. Have a bad feeling about tonight, so better play it safe.”

16. “I just ate, and you know what they say! Can’t do anything for at least four hours after eating.”

17. “I feel like I’m overachieving a bit socially, so I need to tone it down a bit.”

18. “There’s this really cool underground movement going on right now called ‘Staying In.’ You probably haven’t heard of it.”

19. “I’m moving to Yemen.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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