31 Thoughts All Book Lovers Have While Finding A New Book To Read


1. “I’ll never find a book as good as my last one.”

2. “Is it too soon to just reread my last book?”

3. “Ok, wait. This one sounds interesting.”

4. “I’ll hold onto this one as an option.”

5. “Uh oh. This one sounds good too.”

6. “Wait, what was the title of that book Ari recommended to me?”

7. “I should read that one.”

8. “OMG there are so many books. This is impossible.”

9. “I’ll just get all of these.”

10. “LOL what is money.”

11. “If I were a millionaire, I would spend every penny on books.”

12. “Is there such a thing as a classy gold-digger? Like, if I only spend my partner’s money on books, is that socially acceptable?”

13. “I’d do it. 100%.”

14. “Okay, so which of these books do I read first?”

15. “I want to read all of them right this second.”

16. “What if I just read all five of them at the same time? Just switch off every few chapters?”

17. “Nope. Bad idea.”


19. “This must be how Sophie felt in that movie.”

20. “Wait, wasn’t that movie based on a book? Where’s that book?”

21. “Oooooh I should read this.”

22. “Add it to our pile of options.”

23. “UGH. Wait. I still can’t choose.”


25. “Why am I freaking out about this? I’ll read them all eventually.”

26. “There are not enough hours in a day, or years in a lifetime, to read all the books on my list.”

27. “IT’S NOT FAIR.”

28. “Okay, that’s it. I’m reading this one. Decision made. No going back.”

29. “…..but what about this one?”

30. “Okay, yes. This one. I can feel it in my bones.”

31. “GAHHHH I’M SO EXCITED TO READ THIS.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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