19 Mini Victories That Can Single-Handedly Make Your Day

Joshua Earle
Joshua Earle

1. Actually finishing an entire tube of chapstick.

2. Stepping on a leaf that has the perfect amount of crunch.

3. Filling your gas tank, and the price stops right on an even dollar amount.

4. Finishing a punch card, and getting that free coffee.

5. Flipping back to your show right as the commercial break is ending.

6. Waking up and remembering that you have leftovers waiting for you in the fridge.

7. Finding money in the jacket you haven’t worn since last fall.

8. Waking up abruptly and realizing that your alarm doesn’t go off for another hour, so you can totally go back to sleep.

9. Grabbing the exact amount of change on the first try.

10. Checking your bank account when you forget it’s payday, and seeing a surprisingly large number.

11. Walking into an empty movie theater and having your pick of the seats.

12. Getting off work on Friday and realizing you have zero obligations for the weekend and can do whatever you want.

13. Waking up the morning after a night of heavy drinking, and seeing that you didn’t text anything embarrassing.

14. Successfully matching all your socks after a long day of laundry.

15. Remembering to eat the bananas you bought before they turn brown.

16. Turning on the car radio just as your favorite song comes on.

17. Catching all green lights.

18. Getting to the bus stop moments before the bus arrives.

19. Waking up and discovering that your hair is on point. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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