16 Potentially Embarrassing Things Everyone’s Done At Least Once

Right? These aren’t just things I do? This article might go horribly, horribly wrong for me…
New Girl
New Girl

1. You’ve put food in the microwave, then raced to and from the bathroom to get back to open the microwave door before time’s up.

2. You’ve chastised yourself for not getting back to the microwave in time, like a disappointed coach.

3. You’ve talked to yourself while cooking, as if you’re hosting a show on the Food Network.

4. You’ve spent an unseemly amount of time searching for someone online simply to see how much dirt you could dig up on them.

5. You’ve accidentally eaten an entire box of that snack that was supposed to last you all week in one sitting.

6. You’ve had a really disturbing thought while in public, and then been very paranoid that someone in the crowd can read minds and just heard you.

7. You’ve then apologized in your head, just in case they’re still listening in on your mind.

8. When you’re walking somewhere and realize you’re headed in the wrong direction, you’ve pulled out your phone and acted like you just got a text that changed your plans, so you don’t look weird to any strangers that see you suddenly turn around and walk back the way you came.

9. You’ve imagined an entire lifetime with the cute barista that smiled at you that one time.

10. You’ve walked extra slow when leaving a store without buying something, just so they don’t think you’re stealing.

11. You’ve googled how to spell a very simple word, because when you wrote it out, it just looked wrong.

12. During a shower, you’ve acted out a sad movie scene that takes place in the rain, because obviously you need to sharpen your acting skills for when you’re a STAR.

13. This also includes melodramatically singing along to a sad song mid-shampoo. Bonus pointing if it’s Whitney Houston.

14. You’ve tried singing the opening of The Lion King while raising a small animal/child above your head.

15. After you’ve watched Downton Abbey/ Game of Thrones / Harry Potter, you’ve talked to yourself with a British accent for at least a full day.

16. You’ve held an impromptu dance party at a red light, and then when you made eye contact with a neighboring car, you held the eye contact for three seconds too long, just to make them feel awkward too. Because, whatever. You’re cool and you know it.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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