15 Signs Your Zest For Life Overestimates Your Motivation

Flickr, BrunoBrunan
Flickr, BrunoBrunan

1. You just want to live life to the fullest! YOLO! Carpe diem! But you also want to stay in bed and watch Supernatural on Netflix, soooooo it’s a toss up.

2. You’ll sometimes go into a fit of spontaneity, and just go for a drive! See where the wind blows you! Fast forward to you driving aimlessly and completely lost in an area with horrible cell service, and you just reallyyyyyy want to be home in your pajamas.

3. You’re currently “reading” ten different books. You didn’t mean to start so many books, and really you consider yourself a one-book kind of person, but you just got so excited about that other book, or the movie was coming out soon, or whatever. It just happened.

4. You also have a bookshelf full of books you haven’t opened yet. The origin story of all those books is the same: you were walking through the bookstore, fell in love with the description on the back, and bought it, convincing yourself that you were going to read that book right away. Then, you got home, saw the ten books you’re still in the process of reading, and stuck the new book on your reading list.

5. You have a cabinet full of strange, unopened spices, because you needed them for that fancy recipe you were going to try, but then got intimidated by the instructions and decided that the chicken scaloppini was just going to be grilled chicken.

6. …. And sure you could have returned the unopened saffron, but still have hope that you’re totally going to master that recipe next week.

7. You’ve planned elaborate trips to exotic lands, complete with flights and hotels, but as soon as you actually have to book anything, you freeze up and decide to postpone because a big trip like this requires a lot of prep that you just don’t feel like doing (ignore the fact that you already planned 85%).

8. You’ve bought countless Groupons for trendy exercise classes, because Pilates is supposed to be the best! It’s going to change your life! But then the day of the class arrives, and UGH.

9. Your friends are always inviting you out to do cool things, and you always say yes, because who doesn’t want to try water skiing? Answer: you. But you won’t realize this until two hours before you’re supposed to leave.

10. Your closet hides that box full of almost accomplishments. It’s got the flippers that you bought on sale that convinced you to try snorkeling (lol), the half-finished scarf you were knitting, and the ukulele you were totally going to master last summer.

11. You go on swiping sprees on Tinder, but then whenever matches message you, your follow through is virtually non-existent.

12. You find out about a new restaurant in your neighborhood, get unbelievably stoked to try it, and then immediately go home when they say, “20 minute wait.”

13. As a kid, your response to “What do you want to be when you grow up” changed daily, depending on what movie or TV show you were watching. In any given week, you would tell people you wanted to be a fighter pilot, brain surgeon, editor-in-chief of a magazine, and a Pokémon Master.

14. Then, as you aged, the responses kept changing, but steadily got less ambitious. Your responses were something like, tenured teacher, regional photographer, and a Pokémon trainer.

15. But in the end, even though you were reluctant to do a lot of the things your overly-ambitious side agreed to do, you’re glad you have that side, because it means you’ve done some pretty cool things, and have made some awesome memories in the process.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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