15 Completely Valid Reasons All Introverts Have Bailed On Plans


1. They went out last weekend.

2. The invitation was sent via group text and filled their socialization quota for the day.

3. They interacted with more than two very talkative strangers today.

4. They had to entertain four or more people at their apartment yesterday.

5. They ran errands all day.

6. They just got back from a busy vacation that was more adventure than relaxation.

7. They haven’t had a moment to themselves all day.

8. They have an appointment tomorrow, so they won’t be able to hole up all day and recover from a night of socialization.

9. Too many people RSVP’d to the event.

10. They had to navigate their way through a very large crowd earlier today, and it was exhausting.

11. The plans involve too many strangers that they’d have to talk to.

12. Work involved interacting with a lot of people.

13. They were getting ready to leave, and then their TV accidentally turned on and the couch was incredibly welcoming.

14. A large group of people walked past their apartment just as they were about to leave, and it filled them with an immense amount of dread that was impossible to overcome.

15. It’s cold outside, and the movie they’ve been wanting to see was just added to Netflix.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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