12 Undeniable Stages Of Falling Head-Over-Heels For A New Book


1. The Meet Cute

You were walking through the bookstore, and there it was. A sweet, unassuming novel perched on an end cap. You cautiously pick it up and read the back. The entire store quiets, the lights dim, and you’re immediately drawn in by the synopsis. You’ve got a good feeling about this one, and quickly head to the check out.

2. The Flirting

You set the book on your coffee table, anxious to begin, but you’ve got some other chores to do before you can sit down. You meander around your apartment, cleaning this, tidying that, all the while sneaking glances back at the gem on your coffee table. It smiles back, tempting you to wander over.

3. The First Date

You’ve brewed some tea, swaddled yourself in your softest blanket, and finally crack the book open. You’ve barely finished the first paragraph, and you already know this book is going to be something special.

4. The Post-Date Jitters

You had to break away to do something stupid, like go to work (UGH), and all you can focus on is getting back home to that book. You want to tell everyone about this great book you’ve found, but it’s a little early; you don’t want to jinx it.

5. The Unbelievable Excitement

The drive back home from work has never taken so long! You just want to be home reading your book, goddamnit!

6. The Nighttime Texts

You planned on going to bed at a decent hour, but each time you finished a chapter, you reasoned that one more chapter wouldn’t hurt. Fast forward, it’s 5 AM, and you realize you spent the whole night just talking with this book.

7. The Relationship Status

You’re far enough into the story that you just want to shout it from the rooftops! YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH A BOOK!

8. The Incessant Talking

Your friends are probably getting tired of it, but you don’t care. You manage to bring the book up in every single conversation, because it’s all you can ever think about.

9. The Premature Mourning

You can see the end in sight, and you’re already sad that this crazy ride is almost at a close. You read a little slower; savoring those last few chapters, wishing it would just never end.

10. The Break Up

The last syllables have been read, and you sit in silence, looking back on the amazing journey you just took. You’re sad, happy, angry, everything all at once, because a book like that doesn’t come around that often.

11. The Mourning Period

You can’t bring yourself to open another book or even speak to another human for a while, until you’ve fully recovered from this book. Eventually you’ll be able to move on, but not today.

12. The Reunions

You’ll come back to that book from time to time; revisiting one of your best friends whenever you’re feeling a little down. And every time you read it, you fall in love with it all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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