15 Things You Should Know About Dating A Hardcore Disney Fan


1. We’re going to break into song. All. Of. The. Time. We’re having people over? We’ll be setting the table and singing “Be Our Guest.” We’re feeling lonely? “Part of Your World.” Heading to work? “Heigh Ho.” I could literally go on, but I’ll spare you.

2. We’ve tried brushing our hair with a fork (or should I say, dinglehopper). It doesn’t work well, just fyi.

3. Every vacation must include a trip to a Disney park, which still leaves a surprisingly long list of exotic locations. There’s Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong….

4. And then going to the park isn’t a joke. If you think we’re just going to stroll around the park, getting on rides as we happen across them, you’re wrong. We made a game plan ages ago. First, we get a Fast Pass for Space Mountain, then we run and ride Indiana Jones before the line’s unbearable, then…

5. No matter how unsexy the meal can actually be, we will always consider spaghetti and meatballs to be the most romantic food of all time, and would be thrilled to see it on an anniversary dinner menu.

6. The deadliest sin you can commit is insulting our favorite Disney character. Just don’t.

7. If you’re ever wondering what to give us for our birthday, complete one of our Disney pin collections. We’ll be overjoyed.

8. There’s a good chance you’ll walk in on us chatting with inanimate objects while home alone. It’s not that we’re crazy and talk to ourselves all the time, we’re just socializing with Cogsworth, our phone, and Lumiere, our Bed, Bath, & Beyond candle.

9. If a food item can be shaped like Mickey Mouse, IT WILL BE SHAPED LIKE MICKEY MOUSE.

10. All advice you give will be based on what we learned from Disney movies, which if you think about it, is even better than normal people advice! You’ll actually be given sage wisdom from Rafiki, Grandmother Willow, and Genie, and we doesn’t want that??

11. We may not want to build a snowman every second of every day, but we will absolutely want you to ask us whenever the thought crosses your mind.

12. If we decide to have kids, it’s guaranteed that every child will be decked out in Disney gear from the moment they leave the hospital (and if we get our way, with a name that somehow resembles our favorite character’s moniker).

13. Every Disney movie we watch will turn into a sing-a-long adventure.

14. We’re extremely kind to animals, because we’re still holding out hope that they’ll run or fly to our aide whenever we’re running late for work and need a little help getting dressed in the morning.

15. We believe in happy endings. It may sound childish at first, as if we think a fairy godmother is going to appear and solve all our problems with the flick of her wand. But we just firmly believe that everything will work out for the best in the end, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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