13 Signs You’re The Homebodiest Homebody Of Your Friend Group


1. Within your friend group, you have friends that are definitely homebodies as well, but none of them can match your skill.

2. When the rest of your friends decide it’s finally time to venture out and socialize, you’re just getting started on you home adventure.

3. Your friends no longer get offended when you choose to stay at home rather than go out to a bar. They know you love them, even if you choose to love them from afar.

4. In fact, most of the time, they’ll just see if you’re down to host a movie night at your place. Most of the time, you are. That is, as long as there are less than five people coming, because your place really isn’t that big.

5. Sometimes you really don’t even like to make the trip to your friend’s place, because even though you know you’re just going to hang out with them inside, there’s still a whole world you have to cross just to get there.

6. Whenever you do show up to a social function, your friends usually look at you as if you’ve sprouted a second head, because sure you RSVP’d that you would be there, but they never actually take it seriously. They’re well acquainted with your love of bailing last minute.

7. All your friends depend on you for any TV or movie recommendations because they’re usually safe to assume that you spent the weekend binging the new Netflix show that was just released.

8. You don’t have to make excuses when you bail on plans with them, because everyone’s aware that you’re lying through your teeth. You just send a quick text with something like, “Maybe next time,” and they get it.

9. When you are with your friends though, you’re the life of the party, because you know you have to make up for lost time.

10. Your friends know exactly what to get you for any birthdays or holidays. Pillows. Blankets. Slippers. Anything cozy that doesn’t need to leave the house.

11. Some of your friends like to mention that they’re “such a homebody” because they’ve been stuck inside for the past three days with the flu, and you just chuckle, because that’s cute.

12. Whenever a new person enters your friend group and excitedly remarks that you should all go out hiking on Saturday, the rest of your friends just look at you and smirk because they know that those plans sound like the worst possible weekend to you.

13. When your friends actually force you to come out for your own good, they make sure that you’re not out for too long, because they love you, and they’re not monsters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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