23 Things You’ll Undoubtedly Hear When You Visit Los Angeles


1. “Can you read my screenplay?”

2. “I ran into Kim Kardashian at Urth this morning and we had a moment over the Stevia.”

3. “So my Pilates instructor, who’s like best friends with Jennifer Aniston, said that I totally have the build to be an extra and then move on to bigger roles.”

4. Blah blah blah “The Industry” blah blah

5. “I can’t eat that, I’m on a juice cleanse.”

6. “I’ll have the vegetarian pizza with gluten-free crust and vegan cheese.”

7. “Wanna hike Runyon tomorrow?”

8. “I can only stay for two hours because then I have to move my car.”

9. “I’m crewing for my friend’s short film this weekend.”

10. “That’s why I don’t date actors anymore.”

11. “I can’t stand hipsters, but I really love the hipster aesthetic.”

12. “It’s soooo cold! It’s only like sixty-eight degrees out today!”

13. “I only buy organic produce from the farmer’s market.”

14. “I was going to take the 405 over here, but traffic is a nightmare right now, so I cut through Beverly Glen.”

15. “Today’s my cheat day, so I’m getting some froyo later.”

16. “Oh, you would LOVE the Bikram studio I go to!”

17. “We should do a web series!”

18. “I only smoke to lose weight.”

19. “It took me fifteen minutes of circling the block to finally find a parking spot.”

20. “We met at an improv class!”

21. “I only hike Griffith when I feel like being a tourist.”

22. “Wait! Don’t eat yet, I haven’t Instagrammed this yet.”

23. “Sorry I’m late, I was stuck on the 101 for an hour.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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