23 Excuses Every Homebody Needs For Getting Out Of Social Situations

We can only use the “I’m busy” excuse for so long, so here are some excuses that will absolutely get you out of your plans without anyone suspecting you ever.
New Girl
New Girl

1. “Can’t leave, on house arrest.”

2. “Someone broke into my apartment and stole all of my pants.”

3. “Lost my key, I’m locked inside my apartment.”

4. “I’ve got a really strange rash. Pretty sure it’s contagious.”

5. “I broke both of my legs during racquetball yesterday.”

6. “Sorry, went on emergency business trip to Sweden.”

7. “I think there was a severe weather alert. Have to stay inside until I get the all clear.”

New Girl
New Girl

8. “I think the guy living across the street from me is a serial killer. Gotta stay in and Rear Window this shit.”

9. “I promised my neighbor I would keep an eye out for a package. Can’t leave.”

10. “I just cooked a frozen pizza. If I don’t stay in and eat it now, it’s gonna taste horrible.”

11. “I’m allergic to the sun.”

12. “Chris Pine’s limo just broke down outside my apartment, so he’s hanging with me until a replacement arrives!”

13. “Pretty sure the government is tracking my movements. I should stay inside to keep you safe.”

14. “There’s something in my eye, so I probably shouldn’t be driving.”

15. “My psychic said I need to stay indoors or I’ll die.”

16. “House of Cards season three just premiered.”

17. “My appendix burst.”

18. “Neighbor went into labor! Rushing her to hospital.”

19. “I’m going salmon fishing that weekend.”

New Girl
New Girl

20. “My fish is on suicide watch.”

21. “It’s National Stay Inside Day in Ireland, and I’m half Irish so…”

22. “I’m having an artistic epiphany, and must complete my life’s work right now.”

23. “I’ve been asked to decrypt German military codes, I’m getting on a plane to Bletchley Park.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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