18 Stages Of Going To A Party With Your Best Friend

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

1. Playing the perfect Get Pumped music.

You’ll set Spotify to a pre-existing playlist, but then you’ll hear that one song that’s EXACTLY what you want to hear at that moment and play it on repeat for a while.

2. Dancing to the perfect song.

You’re still in your sweats, but you both start dancing like the maniacs you secretly are, because this week has been really tough and you just really need a night out to just LET LOOSE.

3. Picking out outfits.

The two of you need to approve of each other’s outfits, which means you’ll cycle though 75% of your closet. The outfits need to look different enough that you don’t look like you coordinated on purpose, but can’t clash in photos. It’s a fine line, and the two of you have perfected it.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

4. Switching closets.

Neither of you are totally satisfied with your options, so you raid each other’s closets, knowing full well that a skirt they have is exactly what you want to be wearing tonight.

5. Reminiscing.

You’re still searching through their closet, and stumble across tons of memories. Oh god, remember last month when you wore this to Rayna’s? And she ended up getting the same one a week later?

6. Fighting.

One of you finds the shirt you’ve been looking for for the past two weeks in their closet and all hell breaks loose.

7. Making up.

Then your friend finds the shorts she’s been looking for, and the two of you call it even.

8. Marveling at how great you both look.

It’s a great way to boost each other’s confidence before heading out. Plus, you both look really fantastic, and it only makes sense that you both point it out.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

9. Planning ahead.

You create a game plan for the evening. How much do you want to drink? Are you hoping to end the night back in your apartment, or are you okay waking up at someone else’s place? Do you have anything important going on tomorrow morning?

10. Arriving at the party.

You walk in and even if someone only sees one of you, they know that both of you are there, because the two of you are known as a pair, like Tina and Amy, Key and Peele, or PB & J.

11. Staying within at most twenty feet of each other at all times.

You’re always within each other’s sights, just in case you need to swoop in and help with a situation, or you’re simply talking about them to someone else, and need to point to them to show off how awesome your friend is.

12. Watching something awkward happen.

Whether an ex just walked in or there’s some seriously bad dancing happening, the two of you make eye contact, expressing everything that needs to be said in that one look.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

13. Dancing.

That song you were playing on repeat back at the apartment comes on and the two of you can barely contain your excitement. You both beeline for the dance floor, and celebrate.

14. Reveling in the moment.

You’re both dancing, having a fantastic time, and you can tell that everyone just wants to be a part of the friendship you have together. Or maybe they aren’t paying any attention to you, you really don’t care, as long as you’re both having a great time.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

15. Regrouping with the guys you were talking with in tow.

You both need the other person’s opinion on the guy you’re interested in, so you maneuver towards your friend until you all just happen to be chatting together.

16. Ignoring the guys you were talking with.

You’ve reunited with your true bae, and everyone can tell. The conversation’s flowing and the chemistry is off the charts. The guys are both intimidated and impressed, because the two of you are actually seriously hilarious together.

17. Wing-manning for each other.

The two of you remember the guys and start shamelessly talking the other person up. -Did Shannon tell you she just finished writing a screenplay? It’s sooo good! -Oh yeah? Well, did Jaz tell you that she’s interning at a top ad agency?

18. Cuddling up.

You’ve arrived back at the apartment, and you collapse onto the couch with your one true love. Your best friend is the person you really wanted to end the night with, so you turn on an episode of Friends and fall asleep. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

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