15 Completely Truthful Lies You Can Tell When You Don’t Want To Say You Watched Netflix All Day


1. “I did some organizing, got rid of some stuff I didn’t need anymore.”

You reordered your queue, and deleted movies that you’ve seen from your list.

2. “I went to a bar, and hung out with some friends for a while.”

You watched How I Met Your Mother.

3. “I did some research on my local government.”

Parks and Recreation.

4. “I went to see the doctor.”

Doctor Who.

5. “I visited some friends at the hospital where they work.”

Grey’s Anatomy.

6. “ I did some exercises in positive thinking.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

7. “I checked in on a friend who’s doing some time in jail.”

Orange Is the New Black.

8. “I brushed up on my French.”


9. “I took a day off to explore the city.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

10. “I checked out a martial arts competition.”

The Karate Kid.

11. “I looked into some interesting news items about North Korea.”

The Interview.

12. “I researched some candidates for the upcoming election.”

House of Cards.

13. “I spent some time in the office.”

The Office.

14. I did some research on some health care options.”

Breaking Bad.

15. “I explored the idea of writing a play.”

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