14 Reasons Independent People Make The Best Friends


1. When we make plans, we follow through. We love hanging out with you, so when we make casual plans to grab drinks, we’re going to make sure that happens.

2. We respect your space, because we like our space too. If you need time to just be alone with your thoughts, we’re totally fine with that, and encourage it.

3. We’re not afraid to give you honest relationship advice. Personally, we love the single life, and aren’t afraid to recommend it if you’re significant other is flying all kinds of red flags. We always want what’s best for you, so we’re not going to pull any punches if that’s the advice you need.

4. But we’ll always be there to pick up the pieces. We’ll be right by your side, pouring you another glass of wine when you need it, but also calling you out for being melodramatic when you deserve it.

5. We don’t take it personally if you cancel unexpectedly. Yes, we’re bummed we won’t get to spend time with you, and we’ll be a little irritated that you canceled last minute, but that’s it. Things happen, and we’ll survive.

6. We’ll make the tough decisions when you don’t want to, like what movie we’re going to see, or which restaurant we want to grab lunch at. We balance out any indecisiveness you might have, and make sure that any decision we make will please both of us.

7. We always hold ourselves responsible for our actions. Everyone screws up from time to time, and if we realize we’re at fault for whatever we’re arguing about, we’ll step up and apologize.

8. We don’t get jealous of your other friends. We get it. Everyone has different sets of friends. School friends, work friends, childhood friends, the list goes on. We’re not going feel hurt if you have inside jokes with other people, or you’re going out for drinks with them and not me, it happens, and we’re fine with it.

9. We won’t depend on you to walk us through our break up. We’re used to dealing with things on our own. We might bring it up occasionally, but we’re not going to monopolize every conversation with talk of our ex.

10. We always know of something fun to do, because we’ve already gone out exploring on our own. We love adventure, and while we love going off by ourselves, we love bringing our best friend with us just as much.

11. We’ll always be there when you need help. Whether you need help with fixing a leak in your sink, or working through personal issues, we love problem solving, so you can depend on us to show up.

12. We’re always striving to be better. Whether it’s in work or our personal lives, we want to be constantly improving, and that includes being a better friend to you.

13. We’re extremely protective. We only keep a few people truly close to us, so if someone tries to hurt you, you better believe we’ll be flying into battle for you.

14. We’ll be your rock. We’ve developed a strong spine over the years, and aren’t planning on budging anytime soon. So anytime you need us, even it we’re off on some adventure, we’ll always come running back to your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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