17 Reasons Harry Potter Fans Are The Best People To Date

1. They’re not afraid of commitment.

They were in a relationship with Harry Potter for 14 years from the time the first book came out to when the last movie was released. No matter how often a movie truncated a complex storyline, they grumbled and hung in there. That’s what you do in a relationship after all. Just because one thing is annoying, you don’t give up on the whole enchilada. Not when you’ve been together for as long as you have.

2. They don’t judge heavily based on appearances (unlike a certain Malfoy).

They don’t see the red hair and hand-me-down-robes, they see the potential for a really great friend. Plus, we all saw the miraculous transformation of movie-Neville. Anything is possible.

3. They appreciate when the person they love loves them in return.

Snape’s heart-breaking love for Lily taught fans not to take any relationship for granted. If they’re lucky enough to have their love reciprocated, you better believe they’re not letting that go easily.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

4. They’re extremely patient.

The two-year wait between book six and book seven was painful, but they survived. Now, any wait shorter than that is a piece of cake. Oh the restaurant has a 90-minute wait time? No worries.

5. Their love for the Weasley’s and Dumbledore’s Army has given them a deep appreciation for family.

Whether it’s the family you were born with or the family you chose, Harry Potter fans know that all family is important and should be cherished. Really, the more the merrier!

6. They can stand up for themselves.

What better role model was there than Hermione Granger? She knew she was a bad ass bitch and didn’t need anyone to tell her otherwise. And don’t even get me started on Luna Lovegood.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

7. They know when to ask for help.

Even though they can totally handle their shit, they know that there’s strength in numbers, and things are done best when handled with your closest friends.

8. They’re totally cool with role-playing.

A midnight release party wasn’t the same without dressing up as your favorite Harry Potter character, so yeah, let’s get this Harry Potter fanfic rolling.

9. They’re down for a quiet night in of movies and chocolate frogs.

They enjoy nothing more than to sit down with their favorite book and read until they fall asleep. Unless of course, you want to watch a movie, in which case they’ve got eight glorious viewing options ready for you.

10. Want to go out and grab a butterbeer? They’re cool with that too.

Heading out on a Friday night and with your closest friends can be just as much fun for a HP fan. As long as the company is good and the conversation flowing, consider them content.

11. They learned that sometimes love means making sacrifices.

Hermione erases her parents’ memories of her, and Harry sacrifices his life for the lives of his friends. Sometimes love means having to make the hard decisions, but that’s all part of life.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

12. They appreciate the time they have and live in the moment.

Book seven taught all fans the brutal lesson that life is finite, and we must share as much time with the one’s we love as possible. We can’t all have resurrection stones to put off the inevitable. Accio Carpe Diem!

13. They know that love can literally save lives.

Not even Voldemort could overpower Lily’s love for Harry. Harry Potter fans know to spread love far and wide, because you never know when someone might need it.

14. They can quickly sort anyone they meet into one of the four houses.

After spending years acting as a sorting hat, they’re able to pick up on a person’s character pretty quickly. They’re super adept at picking up at any Slytherins lurking in the room.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

15. They understand that everyone, no matter how Death Eater they may seem, is capable of change.

Just because a person acted like Snape in Book One the first time you met them, doesn’t mean they’re not capable of becoming Snape in Book Seven.

16. They know that being spoiled like Dudley is no way to live.

They learned at an early age that it’s really lame to want everything in existence. You could literally give them a sock, and they would be completely overcome with how sweet and romantic that is.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

17. They realize there’s no room in a relationship for jealousy.

In the books, whenever jealousy reared its ugly little head, relationships crumbled. Ron and Hermione were only able to finally be together after Ron got over his jealousy of Harry and Hermione’s friendship. Fans know that anytime jealousy starts to appear in a relationship it’s time to take a step back and do some damage control. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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